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Social media and its networking reach has opened up a whole new way to host a Fifth Avenue Collection jewelry show!
Here is how it works:
You, as the hostess, sets a date and time, and make a list of who you want to invite. With an online show, you are not limited to geography and what date works for your guests. You don’t have to worry about cleaning your house, having refreshments and scheduling your spouse and kids to have a night out!
Once the date has been confirmed, I will set up an event on Facebook and invite you as a co-host. To do that we will need to be friends on Facebook. Once you are a co-host, you will then be able to invite all of your Facebook friends to attend the event. From there, we will be able to send them private messages about the upcoming events and showcase the jewelry that will be presented during your Live Show. This will be started a week before your show.
What if you have friends that don’t use Facebook but they are still online? I will create a password protected Live Show page on my website, also displaying the jewelry that was showcased at your event and upload the video to this page. Your friends can communicate via messenger, whatsapp or simply through email.
Show credits are the very same as an event at your house but all you need to do is watch the show at the set time… just like everyone else!
Jewelry purchased and prizes will be mailed out to your guests after the event is completed.
Your hostess gifts, Half Price Jewelry and FREE Jewelry will be also be delivered or mailed to your house.

Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry Show Hostess Credit Program

Fifth Avenue Collection’s hostess program is very generous to our Hostess’s.
Hosting a show is both pleasurable and profitable for everyone involved.
As a Fifth Avenue Collection hostess, you will receive:

  • A $25 gift certificate when she books a show to be held within the next fourteen days
  • A beautiful hostess gift free
  • 15% of the styling session sales in FREE jewelry when there are two or more bookings at your styling session
  • 10% of the styling session sales in free jewelry when there is one booking at your show
  • You will also receive jewelry at half price (Up to 5 Items)

Half-priced items are given based on styling session sales. Without bookings, you as the hostess, will receive only half price items.

If the matching items are not priced as a set, but they have the same name, they can be combined to create a set
and will count as one half-priced item. For example:
A Little Lavish Necklace - Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry A Little Lavish – Rhodium Wire-Mixed Metal Finished Beads – Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry

“A Little Lavish” – bracelet, earrings and neckpiece can count as one half-priced item.

This does not mean that anything with the same name can count as one half-priced item.
Rings, Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry, Canada Eternal Luxe – Shop Jewelry Online, Fifth Avenue Collection Canada
For example, if you choose four of “Eternal Luxe” Rings, different/same colors or size, they will each count as one half-priced item for a total of four, not one.
So if you have earned three half price items and you have chosen four pairs of the same ring, you would get three for half price and pay full price for the other pair

Merchandise credits cannot be applied to half price items.
Your hostess credit will apply to the lower priced jewelry items.
The half price credit will be applied against higher-priced selections to maximize her hostess credits.

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